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Mobile Applications

Design & Development

UTS designs, develops and maintains mobile applications and software for retail and institutional clients. Through our strong presence in the GCC andour partnership with one of the best UK application developers, we are able to provide world-class services to our clients.

Client partnership is our key differentiator, 'we don’t jump into conclusions, we listen! '  Prior to any engagement with a client, we detail and understand their business needs, challenges and gaps. We then offer a full design package that includes app strategy formulation, key process mappingand key requirement identification and finally a full application solution.

UTS only recommends Apps based on a defined set of business requirements that would provide our clients with strategic or tactical advantage.

At UTS, we have a deep understanding of all areas of application and software development including presentation layer, operating model and database development.

App Investments

We believe in the model and the future of application development immensely that we develop and invest in many applications ourselves. Our portfolio includes gaming applications, social media and productivity applications.

Whilst we do invest in good ideas ourselves, we also help clients with exciting application ideas in the funding process. The process involves a detailed analysis of the potential of the application, micro testing and valuation. We only seek funding once we are comfortable with the potential market for the application.

Our Private Portfolio:

  • Taffybounce
  • Whatapps

Small Business IT Solutions

  • Are your IT capabilities stopping your business from reaching its full potential ?
  • Are you struggling to identify technology solutions and solutions providers for your business ?
  • Are you looking to prioritize and optimize returns from IT investments ?

We help our clients identify opportunities for breakthrough improvements in IT, enabling them to deliver significant business results through opportunistic IT investments.

Historical analysis suggests that less than 30 percent of IT projects are successful, often due to the lack of alignment with business needs and priorities. Small businesses struggle with this even further because of lack of IT expertise, limited financial resources, and absence of IT strategies.

Whether you need help in prioritizing technology investments, defining IT requirements, sourcing vendors/solution providers, or managing IT initiatives, our services are tailored around your needs. Our experience and knowledge of regional and global technology trends puts us in a great position to be your trusted IT advisor.